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Chiang Mai Weather and Climate

Chiang Mai Climate Overview

Chiang Mai has a tropical climate but is cooler and less humid than elsewhere in Thailand. Chiang Mai experiences monsoons. The south-west monsoon arrives from India at the end of May and lasts through until November, with the heaviest downpours being experienced in September. Rain usually occurs in the late afternoon. Between November and May cool air blows in from China and northern Vietnam, bringing a dry season with milder days and nights. The temperature does begin to heat up towards the end of March and into April. Temperatures are at their lowest in December/January, and it is chilly enough to require a warm jacket.

So what is the best time of year to come to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is now an internationally renowned city and is buzzing all year round with local life and foreign tourists whatever the weather. The optimum time to come is definitely the cool dry months between November and February. However the rainy season need not spoil a trip here. Rain in the wet season is usually confined to a couple of heavy showers a day rather than prolonged continuous rainfall. The visitor just needs to be prepared to take shelter for half an hour or so while the rain falls.

Weather and climate in Pai

Pai shares a similar climate and weather patterns as Chiang Mai but the evenings are definitely cooler. From November to March and a long sleeved jumper/warm jacket is definitely required for this time of year.


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