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Visa and Immigration Issues

Do I need a visa for Thailand?

Many nationalities can obtain a 30 day visa free entry stamp sometimes called ‘visa on arrival’ without the need to apply at a Thai embassy/consulate abroad. If you want to stay longer in Thailand then you can apply for a tourist visa in advance at a Thai embassy or consulate abroad. A single entry tourist visa is valid for 60 days. The 60 Day tourist visa can be extended by a further 30 days at any Thai immigration office in Thailand. Some nationalities can only enter Thailand for a maximum stay of 15 days and others must obtain a visa prior to travelling to Thailand. There is a select group of countries who qualify for a 90 day visa free entry stamp. See below for country list.
Important 2009 UPdate - Crossing into thailand at a land border most nationalities will only be granted a 15 day entry stamp on arrival (previously 30 days)l. Flying in to Thailand you will be granted a 30 day stamp. If the duration of these types of entry stamp are too short for your stay here apply for a single or multi entry visa at a Thai Embassy or consulate abroad.

0 = Nationals must apply for a visa before travelling to Thailand
15 = 15 day entry stamp available on arrival
30 = 30 day entry stamp available on arrival
90 = 90 day entry stamp available on arrival

Albania 0
Andorra 0
Argentina 90
Australia 30
Austria 30
Bahrain 30
Belarus 0
Belgium 30
Bhutan 15
Brazil 90
Brunei 30
Bulgaria 0
Canada 30
Chile 90
China 15
Croatia 0
Cyprus 15
Czech 15
Denmark 30
Egypt 0
Estonia 15
Finland 30
France 30
Greece 30
Hong Kong 30
Hungary 0
Iceland 30
India 15
Indonesia 30
Ireland 30
Israel l 30
Italy 30 Japan 30
Korea (South) 90
Kuwait 30
Laos: 30 Luxembourg 30
Macau SAR 30
Malaysia 30
Malta 0
Mexico 0
Monaco 0
Netherlands 30
New Zealand 30

Norway 30Oman 30
Philippines 30
Poland 15
Portugal 30
Qatar 30
Romania 0
Russian Federation 15
Saudi Arabia 15
Singapore 30
Slovakia 15
South Africa 30
Spain 30
Sweden 30
Switzerland 30

Taiwan 15
Turkey 30
Ukraine 15
United Arab Emirates 30
United Kingdom 30
United States America 30
Venezuela 0
Vietnam 30
Yemen 0

Types of visa

Most tourists will enter Thailand on a 60 day tourist visa (single or multiple entry) or 30 day entry stamp ‘visa on arrival’ (15 days for some nationalities see above and 15 days if you cross into Thailand at a LAND border). There are other classes of visa including those for Business, Education and Retirement etc. Most Thai embassies and consulates will issue multiple entry tourist visas usually double or triple entry the fees for these are more but if you are planning a longer stay in Thailand they can be useful. Each entry is valid for two months and on each entry that 2 months can be extended by a further month at any immigration office in Thailand. If one entry is coming to an end all you need to do is leave Thailand at any border crossing turn around and come back into Thailand where you can use your next entry on your multiple entry visa.

Visa extensions

If you entered Thailand on a 30 (15) day visa free entry stamp this can be extended at an immigration office in Thailand for 7 days for a fee of 1,900 baht.

If you entered Thailand on a 60 day tourist visa you can extend this at any immigration office in Thailand for a further 28 days the fee is 1,900 baht.


If you overstay your visa you will be charged 500 baht per day on departure from Thailand.

Chiang Mai Immigration

Chiang Mai immigration
You will find the Chiang Mai immigration office on Sanambin Rd only a few hundred yards before the main entrance to Chiang Mai’s airport

Chiang Mai Immigration opening hours

Office hours are 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday

Chiang Mai Immigration address:

Chiang Mai Immigration
71 Moo3
Sanambin Road
T. Suthep,A. Muang
Chiang Mai
Tel: 053 - 2017556

Visa runs to Mae Sai

Despite the new rules doing a ‘visa run’ is still useful if time is running out on your current visa. With the Thai/Burmese boarder town of Mae Sai being only 5 hours away, Chiang Mai is a convenient point to renew a ‘visa on arrival’.

Here at ‘The Travel Hub’ we arrange visa run trips by air-con minibus departing at 7:30 and returning to Chiang Mai at 4:00pm daily Please contact us for more information

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